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Before all of them... there was Daisy.

In fact, this photo was taken in 1998,

outside of the back door to Renaissance.

Daisy was MY first dog, and when she passed away in 2011,

I put all of the love I had for her into my dream of opening a no-kill rescue shelter. I still have the rescue shelter but it is now operated by a new rescue organization and my home has turned into my personal rescue pets' retreat.

I currently have 25 pets including a true pet white tail deer 

and a big stubborn horse!

My love for animals and farm living inspired me to create a name for the things that I enjoy doing most

when I'm home. Rescuing any animal in my path, 

playing with my son and my pets,

doing "farm" stuff, pet sitting for others in my home,

taking and sharing photos and videos of my pets,

cooking for my family (pets included) and decorating

with a mix of rustic and modern home decor that I created.

"Down Home with Daisy" is not just a name to me...

it's a way of life.

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